NameOnya vom Chihuahua Dream
Breed of dogLong-haired Chihuahua
ColorChocolate tan with white markings
Weight2.9 kg
Height at withers22.5 cm
Father"More mio" vom Pommernland
Mother"Lilith" Trinnity von Feß
Additional info
Onya vom Chihuahua Dream

"I am a bringt and cheerfuly lady - the world is mine."

Onya is our offspring coming from the "Chihuahua dream" breed. She is an open and always joyful young she-dog that first explores and then conquers every new thing. With her joyful heart, she touches everyone and thus makes herself unforgettable. 

She loves children and takes every opportunity to play. 

Currently, she is learning the training basics and the behaviour on the dog leash, so she will be prepared for every situation in life. 

We are proud of Onya and keep observing her further development.