NameAisha of Royal Continentals
Breed of dogLong-haired Chihuahua
Weight2.5 kg
Height at withers22 cm
Father"Wilson" von Lohmer
Mother"Baghira" of the Irish Highlands
Additional info

6-6 Scissor bite
PL 0/0

Aisha of Royal Continentals

"I am a very well-mannered lady, this is such a delight for me and I always participate in everything."

Aisha is an offspring of our own breed. Aisha has a very gentle nature, is very fine and devoted. She gets a lot of fun out of training exercises, is quick to learn and shows a great will to please, which is rare among Chihuahuas. Aisha is fond of long strolls, sniffs everything with great interest and fearlessly explores whatever is new to her.

She loves to take part in everything. Whenever she made it, she is visibly the happiest Chihuahua around.