Answers for buyers and potential purchasers

Can you reserve a puppy?

If you are interested in buying a dog, you can reserve a puppy in advance. 

We are looking forward to your visit, so we get to know each other personally and you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at our little ones and their parents in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Visits are only possible after prior arrangement. If you choose a specific puppy during your visit, a 'provisional reservation' (of a maximum of 4 days) or a binding 'definite reservation' after down payment can be made. 

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 


The imprint

Our puppies are kept and reared in our house exactly like our adult dogs. This procedure surely requires more work but the benefits of such a rearing speak for themselves. 

The entire life takes place around and with the puppies.  

The imprint on human beings and their surrounding is of major importance today. We strive to develop a strong bond to humans and ensure to breed socially compatible Chihuahuas. 

Simply by growing up in a house, the puppies are inevitably exposed to everyday sounds. Hoovers, clattering dishes, falling objects and romping kids etc.… The benefits are obvious: The grown dog's reaction to noises shall be as neutral as possible, interested at the most, but not fearful. 

Already in the birthing box, we focus on cleanness in order to prepare the dogs for house-training as far as possible. 

A puppy playground is not only meant to keep the dogs busy or encourage them to play, it is also a great place to increase and shape the dog's motion sequences and coordination. 

A variety of subsoils such as a grid, a seesaw, a wobbling airbed, water and balls as well as tunnels, fluttering films from above and below are part of it. 


From the 6th week on, our puppies regularly accompany me when I go for a drive to get used to sitting in the car. 

What do our puppies eat?

In order to prevent difficulties in the change of their eating habits, the nutrition we provide our puppies is as varied as possible. We feed them with oatmeal and yield oats flakes, curd and cottage cheese as well as ground meat (rumen and chicken necks), mashed vegetables and fruits such as banana and grated apple. Apart from that, we provide them good puppy fodder once a day to make them get used to dried fodder. 


Our breed and the costs of our puppies 

We would like to inform our potential puppy purchasers from the very beginning about our prices (€ 1'000 - 1'400.-) and the completion of the costs. We hope for your understanding that you may not "order" our puppies by email. In addition to that, we would like to point out that in the event of a cancellation of a "definite reservation", the down payment will not be refunded.  

We see our Chihuahua breeding as a conscientious quality breeding. This involves the very best care, a high-quality feeding and a family integration of our dogs.   Our breeding is examined and approved by the Veterinary Office of Constance and subject to regular inspections.  After passing the expert knowledge exam according to §11 of the Animal Welfare Act and completing numerous further training programmes, love and expertise are now in a perfect balance. 

Our Chihuahuas live with us in our home but we also provide them a big variety of action and playing opportunities in our big garden and in their Chihuahua fun park around the house. We live in the country where extensive hiking trails are at the doorstep with no limits to long walks. 


The delivery

Depending on their individual level of development, we hand our puppies over to their new owners at the age of 8-12 weeks, according to their development, so they can move to their new families. In the moment of delivery, the puppies have thoroughly been examined by a vet, carry a health certificate, have repeatedly been dewormed and vaccinated five times and are equipped with a chip.  

Additionally, they bring along all the documents of a genuine pedigree dog (pedigree with proof of origin) and a little starter pack.