A Chihuahua's nature

Chihuahuas are intelligent, lively and proud little dogs that don't fear anything. They are curious and very good observers. They love taking part in everything while exploring and sniffing at it. 

What they love the most is following their master's every step and spending every singly minute with him. 

Chihuahuas love to be pampered and like it cosy and warm but, nevertheless, they are as real dogs as are their bigger relatives.

Thanks to their handy size, it's easy to carry them wherever you go, so they will be a constant and loyal companion to you. 

They are fond of long walks, although they are not as excited when it rains as they are when it's sunny: But if they keep moving, neither rain nor cold can affect them.  

Chihuahuas are very robust and less susceptible to disease and, compared to bigger breeds, they can grow very old. 

It is not unusual that a Chihuahua turns 17 or even older. But this usually doesn't apply to the extremely small Teacups, in other words the "XS" breed, with a final weight of 1.000g or less. The smaller they are, the more they are susceptible and the more their life expectancy decreases.

The ideal weight of an uncomplicated Chihuahua is between 1.500 and 2.800g. Chihuahuas of this size are tough and can easily walk long distances. 


Background information/ History

Chihuahuas, commonly known as "the smallest dog breed of the world", are one of the oldest dog breeds known. There is hardly any other dog breed that knows that many mysteries around their origin. Therefore, all the more (more or less credible) legends have been created. 

The most popular and, since years, assumed to be the most likely story about their origin is the one about Chihuahuas having been the holy dogs of the Toltecs. 

In the Chihuahua Province in Mexico, there are still small wild dogs that are said to be the Chihuahua's ancestors. Other sources claim that they were already kept and venerated by ancient Aztec priests in the 8th century and ranked among the favourites of Aztec princesses. The Aztecs preferred the ones with very big eyes, a round head and a low stop. When an Aztec died, he was burnt with his belongings and his dog. 

The Indians believed that the dogs' big shining eyes could show them the way to paradise through the nine death rivers of the underworld. But as only those dogs that had been well treated during their lives would help their owners, people were always anxious to prevent their little dogs from any lack. Whenever there were not enough dogs available, they were reserved for chiefs and leading warriors. 

Mid 19th century, the farmers of the Chihuahua Province began to sell their little dogs more and more to tourists. Over the United States, these dogs were then brought to Europe.  


Short-haired and long-haired Chihuahuas

Between long-haired and short-haired animals, there are differences in character:

The short-haired breed is the original Chihuahua that often needs a rather firm and consistent hand to not become the leader in the relationship. 

This type of Chihuahua is particlarly suitable for every owner that wants to have a clear relationship with their dog and work. 

The long-haired Chihuahua is the softer dog that is more likely to give in and therefore appropriate for every dog owner that simply wants to enjoy their dog relaxedly. 

Due to their cleverness, intelligence and desire to learn, Chihuahuas love to be supported and challenged. They are highly vivacious. 

All of these characteristics packed in a small dog body (shoulder height 15-20cm) make the Chihuahua the sweetest dog on earth and most devoted companion for me.